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We talk alot about mentor:mentee relationships in WomenUp, but what exactly are we talking about?

Is it just a connector, who exchanges business cards?

Is it just a friend, who meets you for coffee or lunch? Is it a person who reviews your resume and assesses your skills?

Is it a person who inspires and motivates you, so you can reach your highest potential?

In the 21st Century, we are in the age of the startup. Entrepreneurs rule the business landscape, while creative artists, makers and developers redefine the next big thing.

Careers are no longer based on a single expertise but have instead become hybrids of technical knowledge, management know-how and skillsets adaptable to evolving budgets and priorities.

Mentorship has become an amalgamation of teaching, consulting, sponsoring and coaching. The key to success is chemistry between the mentor and mentee.

The mentor must be trustworthy, compassionate and committed to the mentee. The mentee must be coachable and be in the growth mindset. Above all, the relationship must be enjoyable.

Did you know the top personal barriers to the advancement of women? Lack of confidence, lack of political savvy, lack of negotiation skills, juggling home/life responsibities.

Do you need help with any of these things?

If so, you need to have a mentor!

So, let’s get started….. Fill out a mentee application, review your work and educational history, then answer the following, before meeting with your mentor:

1. What have been the highlights?
2. What have been the challenges and difficulties?
3. What have been the turning points and defining moments?
4. What transitions have you made and how did you go about making those?
5. What themes and patterns do you see in your history?
6. What insights and learning do you find in your history that you want to take into your future work?


Dr. Judy Kjelstrom
Director Emerita, UC Davis Biotechnology Program
Academic Coordinator, UC Davis Graduate School of Management

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