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WomenUp members believe deeply and passionately in women supporting women in all areas of our lives. We use our hard-won experience, relationships, positions and knowledge to provide help create that same success for other women. We recognize that as times change, women continue to be the touchstone and launching point for to create true change for other women.

We are committed to helping other women directly achieve goals with as little wasted time and effort as possible. We help open the right doors, make the right introductions and provide the necessary insight for achieving the next step in a women’s professional growth. We seek to level the playing field for women, and work to provide support, potential opportunities and experiences through high-level community connections that might not otherwise be made.

We want to help each other. Whatever level of success a member has achieved, she will not rest on her laurels. She will want to continue fulfilling her own goals, both professional and personal, and is committed to providing that
support to other WomenUp members.

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Lastly, we value and seek the camaraderie, friendship and support of a group of like-minded women who do not just recognize a problem that needs to be solved, but are ready, willing and able to take action to solve it.

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Based on these fundamental beliefs, WomenUp provides a platform for women to make deep and meaningful connections with other like-minded women and to take affirmative steps to support and sponsor women “on the way up” who are looking to their predecessors to help them achieve their own goals.

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Along with mentoring and leadership training offerings, a key focus of our organization is sponsorship. When mentoring someone, you talk to them. When sponsoring someone, you talk about them. Women who join WomenUp will do both with amazing results.

If you would like to become part of our network of women supporting women, contact us today!