a headshot of Tina Reynolds in a pink bow tie and a white plaid shirt
Tina Reynolds

Head champion of WomenUp Network, Tina Reynolds, thrives on helping women meet, connect, and have fun together. WomenUp was born with the idea of building a better community of women—where we can lean on each other, find help, put our heads and pocketbooks together, and change the lives of deserving young women.

Along with Tina, Ilene Goldstein Block was our co-founder. In 2018, both of these women were done playing by the rules.

For much of her life and career, Ilene wanted to believe that consistent, quality hard work would lead to the achievement of one’s professional and financial goals. Meanwhile, she watched men use “the Good Ole’ Boys’ Club,” an informal yet exclusive network of men helping men receive extra assistance in their careers. She realized something had to change.

a headshot of Ilene Goldstein Block
Ilene Goldstein Block

Tina and Ilene met after an introduction from a friend, who said, “You two must meet each other.” Within the hour, they were building the foundation of WomenUp. Over a matter of months, female coworkers, clients, and business associates expressed overwhelming enthusiasm for their idea.

WomenUp Network has become a part of Uptown Studios, Inc., founded in 1992 by Tina Reynolds. This full service marketing and design space is dedicated to creating change in our community, Under the umbrella of Uptown Studios, WomenUp will give WomenUp the momentum to take off and flourish.

Today’s WomenUp is an organized, evolved, inclusive version of the “Good Ole Boys’ Club” for women by women. We are committed to actively advocating, mentoring, and supporting other women.


Tina Reynolds, CEO
Ilene Goldstein Block

Founding Members

  • Amanda Baker
  • Nancy Bui-Thompson
  • Stephanie Buck
  • Saori Choulos
  • Leslie DuFresne
  • Jennifer Duggan
  • Margo Fowkes
  • Tiffany Fraser
  • Laura Hansen
  • Erika Kjelstrom
  • Judy Kjelstrom, PhD.
  • Andrea Lepore
  • Amy Lerseth
  • Mia Lopez
  • Caity Maple
  • Pamela Marrone, PhD.
  • Lynn Matsuda
  • Laura McHugh
  • Mitzi Robinson
  • Dr. Victoria Rosario
  • Melissa Sanchez
  • Rivkah Sass
  • Rhonda Staley-Brooks
  • Kristen Stauss
  • Lisa Wrightsman