Our Mission

“To oversee the major mission of the WomenUp Network to connect aspiring women with accomplished women through the Mentoring Program.”

Mentoring through WomenUp

Gone are the days of women needing to guard their personal expertise. At WomenUp Network, we want to encourage women to share their hard-earned skills, expertise, and experience with other aspiring women. It’s up to us to contribute to the wealth of knowledge within our community! Within the mentor/mentee relationship, you will:

  • Create a unique learning experience for yourself and other aspiring women.
  • Be inspired to challenge yourself in new ways.
  • Bond through a lasting, professional relationship.

As a mentor, you will:

Provide one-on-one time to a hard-working, ambitious woman. During this time, you will offer advice, connect them with other contacts within your network, share knowledge and life experience, as well as integrate them into your inner circle.

In your role, you will:

  • Engage your mentor for monthly meetings.
  • Champion the goals of your mentor.
  • Establish yourself as a resource partner to your mentee.

As a mentee, you will:

Use your ambition and desire for improving your career as you find the best ways to utilize the knowledge your mentor passes on to you. You will be teaching your mentor new things in no time.

In your role, you will:

  • Create a goals plans for yourself.
  • Identify which skills/knowledge you want to learn from your mentor.
  • Establish yourself as a continuous learner.