Tina and Joanna at a WomenUp event at Uptown Studios

Welcome to WomenUp Network and 2018! It’s hard to believe both are here. WomenUp has been in the works for a while now (please read my Founder’s Story) and I’m so excited to finally bring it to you.

While I have never written a blog and have read very few, I have been keeping notes and articles that I believe are germane to the mission of WomenUp for the last two plus years. Looking back, I don’t think I would have believed someone if she had told me that the need for WomenUp would be even greater two years after the 2015 presidential election than before. I think most people (at least in California) believed Hillary Clinton was going to be the first female president of the United States. Instead, this country elected a person who, by his own words and actions, wants to reverse decades of accomplishments to provide equality to women, people of color, gay people and anyone who is not white and male. While we may bemoan the current state of affairs, we can also see it as an opportunity for those of us who have remained on the side lines to step in and step up and have our voices heard, perhaps for the first time, in whatever arena we choose. That can only result in good things, whether it is getting involved in your community or taking action to support a cause or causes that matter to you. You can make a difference.

For me, taking action means spreading the word about WomenUp. We are an organization of women who believe in taking action to benefit other women. This means opening doors that some of us might have access to for the benefit of those who don’t yet have that access. It means listening and giving advice to women seeking to move forward in their careers or who are struggling with that ever difficult work/life balance, whether they have recently joined the workforce or have decades of experience. We all need support and sounding boards.

I describe WomenUp, somewhat tongue in cheek, as a Good Old Boys Network for women. Its only somewhat tongue in cheek because, at its essence, that is what WomenUp is – a network of women who are committed to opening doors, making connections and using our influence for the benefit of other women – something men have done for decades. Many of us have already been taking these actions for years, but the power, reach and impact of bringing our networks together cannot be understated. Our commitment is not just to support the professional lives of women, but all aspects of a woman’s life. To this end, we will include events that focus on finding personal and professional balance, finding our purpose, taking care of our whole selves, both mentally and physically, with an overarching commitment to FUN because, what’s the point if it isn’t fun?!

So, here’s to an amazing 2018 and to the growth of WomenUp! Not only are we dedicated to connecting accomplished and aspiring women, but we acknowledge that isn’t just WHAT you know, but WHO you know. Get ready – we are going to change the World!

Happy New Year!

Ilene Goldstein Block

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